Saturday, March 17, 2012


hivi ndivyo hali ilivyo kwa shule zetu za msingi miaka hamsini baada ya uhuru.

Above, Ekilia Ngonyani, 46 is a single mother raising five children alone. She is also suffering from an unestablished condition that has caused her stomach to swell up and has been for the past 16 years. She cannot afford to go to a 'big hospital' as advised by the doctor in her village. For a living she walks 14 kilometres thrice a week to buy vegetables in a village called Tubugwe and only gets Sh2000 in profit for her trouble.

The above show an old woman called Loi, in front of and in her house in Ibwaga Village. She has lost her sight with age, and lives with her daughter who is deaf. They normally depend on farming for their livelihood but last year their farm was among many others that were destroyed by the December floods in Kongwa District. 

hivi ndivyo wanafunzi wetu wanavyo kwenda shule kila siku.

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